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The mole is available as a kit, made mainly from high quality cast resin with a minimum of flashing to remove. Everything is included in the kit to make a replica as seen in the photos all you require are your usual modelling tools ,a dremmel type drill , glue and paint. comprehensive instructions are included along with pictures to aid your construction.

The cost of the kit is £325+ postage. If you are paying with paypal you will need to add 5% to cover their fees, or i will accept a cheque or postal order.

If you want a fully built up and painted version these are available for £900. Pick up is preferable for this item but if that is not possible item can be posted but i cannot be held responsible for any damage in transit.

Both these items are made to order,so if you are interested please contact me and i will let you know how long it will take to get your mole ready. . A deposit will be taken for either item and balance to be paid when ready to post or pick up.

This model featured in the pages of Sci-Fi Fantasy Modeller and since that article i have managed to trace all the original kit bits used on the model and have casted these and are now included in the new versions of the kit. The only thing missing is a cast of the wheels from the Vickers Vigor toy, but as these go for about £1500 at the moment you will have to make do with my replica wheels.I have now sourced an original toy so now all moles will come with casts of the original wheels and tracks.